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All students of Shi-Han Sensei Louis D. Casamassa’s Red Dragon Karate, participate in tournament competitions. These Fun, interactive daylong events present an excellent opportunity for students to grow and measure their new skills so they can find their strengths and uncover any Weakness. Competition in our family friendly tournaments Also helps them prepare for their upcoming belt graduations.


The Tournaments

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Why We Compete?

• Competition is an excellent learning tool.

• Competition creates an urgency to perfect techniques in a student’s forms
• Students are able to see progress with other competitors of the same age and rank
• Students gain confidence by trying something they may be afraid of doing
• Competitors feel part of a team as they compete to help make our studio #1
• Students gain confidence by performing in front of others
• Competition inspires excellence, giving each student a chance to shine
• All competitors get to attend our competition team pizza party after each competition

As Americans, we all know the value of competition; in the martial arts, competition serves a wide variety of purposes. The exciting sport setting is great for developing confidence and a winning attitude. Tournaments are like the big game; the students practice hard at the studio for weeks, Then on tournament day they have their chance to see how far they have progressed by trying their skills out against others. 

In short, competing at tournaments is great for boosting self-esteem! Whether the competitor wins a trophy or not, they are all winners because they went to the tournament and tried their best. Mini Dragons, White and Master White Belts can attend tournaments after training in a special class with their instructor. This gives them their first competitive martial arts experience and is a valuable tool on their path towards Black Belt. 

Family and friends are always encouraged to come and watch. Children feel even more confident when they have their family and friends in the stands cheering for them!

Special discounts are available to parents and family members who volunteer to be a timekeeper, scorekeeper or security. Contact the front office staff at your dojo and see if volunteer positions are available. To volunteer as a scorekeeper or timekeeper you must be certified, Red Dragon offers a free training & certification class about 3 weeks prior to each competition for volunteers to become certified. In addition, we now offer online tutorials for volunteer scorekeepers. Please see your schools instructor to become certified or for more information on how to volunteer as a RDK scorekeeper.

Because of the widely varied interests and strengths of Karate students, tournaments affiliated with Red Dragon Karate and the AKKF (American Karate Kung-Fu Federation) offer a variety of divisions. At Red Dragon, we pride ourselves on versatility, being able to compete in Creative Kata, Weapons, Sparring, Musical Kata, Showmanship and Traditional Kata, and all in the space of just a few hours. Beginning students (White to Yellow belt) are encouraged to compete in Self Defense & Kata and divisions. Intermediate and Advanced (Orange to Black belts) are encouraged to compete in as many divisions as they can; that diversity can only make them better at what they love!
“Students that compete on a regular basis excel faster and more proficiently. Competition is a positive activity and a beneficial experience for all Red Dragon students.”

-Shihan Sensei Louis D. Casamassa

What Can I Compete In?

Self Defense & Showmanship– Special demonstration divisions: Self defense (2 people only) uses a partner to demonstrate the effective self defense moves from Red Dragon. The techniques are demonstrated in the air towards the judges then on each partner-This can be made into a fun performance and is a great division for first time competitors.

The Showmanship division is like our self defense division but may also includes team katas; fight sketches and other special demos with 2 or more participants often performed with music. Ask your instructor which division would be right for you to participate in and check the tournament flyer for further rules regarding these two divisions.

Kata– A kata is a routine of self-defense moves put together in a pre arranged pattern. Competitors are judged by Black Belt officials and scored based on their balance, focus, power, intensity and degree of difficulty. Beginners traditionally perform the “Tioga’s” and then progress to the American forms. Often called “Creative Kata” because the type of form that is allowed is not restricted. The most popular forms performed in Kata division For beginners are the “Tioga’s” and for intermediate levels the  “Red Dragon” series forms (1-3) along with the dynamic American forms  which feature spin, jump and flip techniques, plus fast punch and kick combinations tend to be the most popular.

Weapons– Scored similar to kata except they add the overall control of the weapon into the scoring. Another ‘creative’ division, where a participant can  demonstrate their skills in a routine that features martial arts weapons like the knunchaku, Bo staff, Kamas and the Samurai Sword.

Sparring– a special game of tag where martial arts skills are used to win points. Matches are won when a participant gets seven (7) points or the highest score at the end of two minutes. There are two corner judges and a center judge or referee to call each match and there needs to be a majority decision for a point to be called. Score one point for a punch to the body or protected helmet area. Score two points for a kick to the body or protected helmet area. There is no direct face contact allowed for any of the color belt divisions, and chest / rib protectors are mandatory for competitors’ age 17 and younger. Good sportsmanship and a high level of respect are a must for this division.

Musical– your favorite weapon form or kata set to music, a very dynamic and fun division. Ask your instructor for help on music selection.

Traditional Forms– these are the Katas passed down through the generations from Japan, Okinawa and Korea. They emphasize power, precise technique, low stances and intensity. Wearing a ‘traditional’ gi or uniform is recommended but not required. See your instructor for more details on this division.

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